Summer League Photo Contest

Summer League jersey world tour

Updated Thursday July 7, 2016 by Scott W.

Hot off the press!!  We are running a Photo Contest to see who can come up with the Coolest picture of your Summer League Jersey or championship shirt!!  Take your TexasLacrosse Summer League logo/shirt/jersey from any year with you some place cool outside of the DFW area and get a picture of it.  Submit the picture for either Men's or Women's division and we will post it on Facebook.  The picture with the most likes will win a free registration (a men's and women's) into 2017's Summer League.  Contest will close March 2017 so don't forget those ski trips or spring break beach trips or even lacrosse camps/tournaments either!!  Please keep all pictures family friendly.  It can be you or your kid(s) or someone famous or someone about to be famous holding/wearing it or no people in it at all, just a famous/cool landmark.

Here is an example from the rest stop on I-35 up north by the red river
How about at the NCAA finals getting autographed by some MLL AllStars
What about Boone Pickens Stadium at OSU?  It is in there somewhere.
And yes, that is the Golden Gate bridge in the background of the picture above.

Get creative enough and we could come up with some runner up prizes like gear or swag!  By submitting the picture, you agree to using it in social media advertising.

Ready? GO!!