19th Annual Summer League Registrations Open Now

2017 Summer League

Updated Monday April 17, 2017 by Scott W.

2017 Summer League registrations for Men’s, Women’s and 30+ Master’s leagues are now open.  Help spread the word!  Early registration discounts (full session only) applied for the month of April.

Register at https://texaslacrosse.siplay.com

We will determine how many teams we will have in the league from the number of registrations on May 25th.  Anyone registering after that time will risk the league selling out and there not be any spots for them.  Please sign up EARLY!  The more players we have signed up, the more teams we want to make.  We have plenty of space and time slots for games.  Help spread the word to get players signed up.  We have sold out the league over the last few years and were not able to accommodate late signups.

The Men’s 30+ Master’s league:  Add yourself to the wait list for free so we can get a head count on how many people will be coming out.  The games will be Wednesday nights.  Once we get enough people to commit, we will have a go at it.

NEW This year:

  • Early bird discounts (full session only) are in affect again for the month of April only!  This time I will put the code in for you automatically so nothing to remember!  Just sign up before April 30th!!  You will see the discount on your checkout page.
  • The girls are moving in!  Yep, both Men’s and Women’s leagues will be on Wed nights this year!!!  More fields, more players, more fun!
  • Goalie Discount!  Yes, a special registration for Goalies to sign up.  Since we love the guys and gals that stand in the cage, you are half price this year!! We hope this will drive more goalies to sign up so we can have more teams and only 1 goalie per team.
  • Half Season rates are still available for those who only need half a summer of lacrosse.  Limited space for those is available.
  • We are working to find sponsors for the league.  If you know of any, please send them our way.  Keep your eyes out for sponsored surprises all season!

The Usual:

  • Every player registered is participating as an adult and is taking full responsibility for their own safety and conduct.
  • We are returning to the UTD fields at 800 West Campbell Road in Richardson (same as last year)
  • Games are 50 minutes long and will follow NCAA rules. 
  • Since this is an adult league, it is the responsibility of all players to be equipped by rule with all of safety gear for your division.  Don’t get hurt, we all have to work the next day.
  • Games will be between June 7th and Aug 16th on Wednesday Nights.  UTD is hosting a soccer tournament so one of those weeks will be blocked out.
  • Wed Aug 16th will be the winner take all end of season tournament!
  • Only players with the 2017 summer league jersey will be allowed to play.  Do not forget your jersey, you won’t get to play.
  • Jerseys are handed out at your first game.  If you missed opening night, we will continue to bring your jersey to the fields until you can make it.  Your registration guarantees you a spot in the league.  There are not any refunds for games you miss.
  • We will only communicate by Email or Text Message thru the registration site.  We don’t sell or give away your information to anyone for any reason.

We still have the SIPlay registration System which offers you:

  • Use the same registration information from last year.  There is a forgot password link that will email you a reset if you need it.  You may have to put the zeros in front of your US Lacrosse membership number.
  • The chance to sign up for more than 1 league and also sign up more than 1 person. (Parents, that one is for you!)  Keep in mind that we communicate thru the email and text phone number entered on these pages.  Please make sure the PLAYERS info is in there.
  • Text alerts (off by default, you have to opt in for this) that also go to your email.
  • Free Mobile App to include your team schedule, scores, player pictures and comments

When you register for the league, keep in mind:

  • You have to have a current US Lacrosse Membership
  • When validating the membership, make sure your registration name is exactly the same as US Lacrosse has it. (check the mailing label on your Lacrosse Magazine)
  • You will get a confirmation to the email address you entered to let you know you have registered.
  • Only players with the 2017 summer league jersey will be allowed to play.  Do not forget your jersey, you won’t get to play.
  • There are no refunds so choose wisely.

Please pass this on to your team mates, coaches, and other lacrosse enthusiasts.  The number of teams in each league depends on registration levels by the end of May so help spread the word.